IRD june 2021

10 a.m. Welcome on the theme: the dignity of the refugee

with Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS who welcomes the sponsors of the event

  • Bolewa SABOURIN, Choreographer
  • Serge Abraham THADEE, Creator African Heroes

11:30 a.m. The dignity of the refugee through the social network and empowerment

with Diawara Cheickh Ahmed TIDIANE who welcomes

  • Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS who presents the actions of REGENERATION MATRIX across Africa.

2 p.m. Climate refugees in the DRC: UVIRA and GOMA

with Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS who welcomes her colleagues from Angels REGENERATION MATRIX

  • Félix SEBATUTSI (registration for the UVIRA floods)
  • Philippe KAKULE MASTAKI the Volcano disaster and actions of Angels REGENERATION MATRIX in the field and civil society

3: 30p.m. African youth and refugees

with Mamadou NIAMBELE who welcomes

  • Joella from the Provincial Youth Councils: Community assistance to refugees from GOMA
  • Claude Francois OUEDRAOGO National Coordinator of the African Movement of Children and Young Workers (AMWCY) in Burkina Faso (young people working in Malian camps)

5 p.m . Review of the day

with Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS who brings in

  • its guests
  • its teams

on Live.

Next Summit

Identity of the refugees (climate, food, poverty, insecurity) by the refugee and from the welcoming territory

with Mamadou NIAMBELE who welcomes

  • Rodha MUKESHIMANA, President of the Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the city of GOMA (CORDU)
  • Luc PECOS from Global Refugees Leaders (GOMA)

What defines a refugee by law? Definitions and their impacts (climatic, political, war, economic …)

avec Virginie GUIGNARD LEGROS, President of Riavat who presents her colleagues

  • Pax André Marie Kito MASIMANGO, Kinshasa, RDC, CODJA, RIAVAT, SYPLA, CN / CPI / RDC, FOCDP, RMX
  • Dominique KAMPALA NKONGOLO, President of the Kasai Central Bar, Director General of the Congolese Society for the Rule of Law
  • being in mourning, he apologizes for his absence and postpones his intervention to a future event.

Management of refugees by local and international organizations

through dialogue with

  • Mamadou NIAMBELE, Summit REGENERATION MATRIX project manager