SUMMIT is dedicated to VLG world, its members, partners and guests.

As we develop programs that are often new, our members and partners are subject to signing a confidentiality document.

Only a VLG world structure is authorized to send invitations, accept members and partners for the EXPANSION VLG world consortium.

Our beneficiaries become so either through the member NGOs on which they depend for simple programs, or through a structure that they create for the occasion for complex programs.

This structure then becomes a member of EXPANSION VLG world.

Membership does not imply having access to all the projects, structures and partners of the EXPANSION VLG world consortium. You have to make a request on a case-by-case basis or respond to internal calls for candidates.

Since 2023, our structure has been divided into 2 branches of activity:

  • Expansion VLG world dedicated to humanitarian and local development
  • Regeneration Matrix VLG world dedicated to digital communities